Company History

Bryce Roberts and Karter Roberts co-founded GPEC in the spring of 2010 as a company whose sole focus is to serve clients' general, electrical and excavation needs. Bryce’s years of experience in the construction industry has been a perfect compliment to Karter’s experience and licensing in the electrical arena. Together they have organized a company capable of tackling the industries most challenging projects. Headquartered in Amity Oregon, GPEC has expanded throughout the northwest, completing projects in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Growth & Milestones

Through its keen focus on distinctive engineering solutions and responsive customer service, GPEC has enjoyed consistent expansion of its services and market share. In February of 2010, GPEC became the go to contractor for the AT&T ETTCS Wireless Communications Project. In June of 2010, GPEC expanded its services to provide general contracting and electrical services to other major wireless contractors throughout the Northwest. Through the expansion, GPEC has gained key employees, valuable experience and developed construction operation polices for 4 major wireless carriers. 

Dedication to Quality

GPEC attributes its steady growth to its dedicated crews who press beyond the intent of the Uniform Building Code / National Electric Code to deliver quality craftsmanship and punctual service on each and every project. The GPEC team is not satisfied until both the project demands and the client’s expectations are surpassed.

Experienced Team

Working together towards the same common goal, GPEC utilizes the best and most experienced employees in the industry to ensure they exceed the needs of their customers. Each GPEC manager/personnel brings a unique skill set which plays a valuable roll in the company’s diverse and knowledgeable team.

Our Work

GPEC continues to focus diligently on serving current and future customers throughout North America including communications carriers, tower owners, government services and public utilities. Recognized as a construction-based company, GPEC works on all aspects of general construction / electrical and low voltage systems including telecommunication, commercial, and residential projects. GPEC also works with production facilities and their crews to plan and execute time sensitive projects.

PHONE: (971) 259-1051