GPEC exists to safely serve clients by designing and constructing quality projects that meet and exceed industrial, commercial, and residential needs.



GPEC is able to provide personalized customer service to both individual residence and large industrial organizations while remaining a leader in the industry by striving to:

• Serve customers with their best interest in mind.
• Complete projects within the scope and timeline specified.
• Care about our Communities & Our Environment
• Create ongoing win-win partnerships
• Work with top-notch team members
• Expand services through progressive growth



Our core values are not only words in our mission statement but principles we use to govern each decision made at GPEC. Every act performed by a GPEC employee is done with our core values in mind: Safety, Quality, and Productivity.


We consider the safety and health of our employee’s to be the most significant factor for our success. We are committed to the philosophy of "Zero Incidents", and will strive constantly to achieve this goal. Our belief is that all incidents and accidents are preventable. All employees have a prime responsibility to themselves, their families and their coworkers in committing to and achieving GPEC’s safety goals. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE for employees that do not work safely 100% of the time. "Working safely is a condition of employment at GPEC"


Quality means doing all tasks correctly, the first time, every time. Performing work correctly means doing it safely. We are committed to achieving Zero defects, Zero punch lists, Zero reworks, while maintaining "Zero Incidents". This applies to every employee in our organization and to our subcontractors. Quality must be incorporated into the process as opposed to being inspected at the end of the project.


Production means doing things safely, correctly, on time and in budget. Both schedule and cost are critical aspects of production. We will always strive to achieve our safety and quality goals while performing our work on time and within budget, in order to achieve the production our customers require and deserve. Our mission, by its very existence, provides a foundation on which our company can build its future. GPEC will achieve Safety, Quality and Productivity through the commitment of our employee’s and continuous improvement of GPEC’s workplace processes.

PHONE: (971) 259-1051